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White Humeral Veil - IHS

White Humeral Veil with White Orphreys - IHS Embroidery

Product Code :  HV_D29_5W_4YG_IHS_F19
Price                :  $49.99
Product Details

This is a hand made Humeral Veil made of silk finished Damask church fabric with Cross designs. The Humeral Veil is lined with satin fabric from inside and comes with pockets. The orphreys are made of high quality polyester braids with metallic gold cross designs. The centre motif on the back of the Humeral Veil is IHS and is directly attached to the fabric.

Measurement: 8 ft (96 inches) long (from end to end) and 22 inches wide.

Humeral Veil is a liturgical garment used in the Roman Rite, some Anglican and Lutheran churches. It consists of a piece of cloth about 100 inches long and 25 inches wide draped over the shoulders and down the front, normally of silk or cloth of gold. At the ends there are sometimes pockets in the back for hands to go into so that the wearer can hold items without touching them with the hands. The humeral veil is of the liturgical colour of the day on which it is used, or else is white or cloth of gold. The humeral veil is most often used during the liturgy of Exposition and Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament. When priests or deacons bless the people with the monstrance, they cover their hands with the ends of the veil so that their hands do not touch the monstrance as a mark of respect for the sacred vessel and as an indication that it is Jesus present in the Eucharistic species who blesses the people and not the minister. (source:

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