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Brass Thurible - Censer

8 inch - Brass Thurible (Censer) - Nickel Plated - Silver Tone Finish

Product Code :  TH_CP_ST_M03_8IN
Price                :  $64.99
Product Details

This Thurible is handmade with Heavy gauge brass sheet and is Nickel Plated. The Thurible stands 8 inches (20 cm) tall and is 5 inches (12 cm) wide.
The total hanging height of the censer is 34 inches from the small ring on the top of the chain to the bottom of the base.

  • Height: 8 inches ( 20 cm)
  • Width: 5 inches (13 cm)
  • Hanging Height: 34 inches (86 cm) dia
  • Usage weight of Censer - 450 gms (1 lbs)
  • Shipping Weight: Volumetric Weight = 1 Kg ( box size - 15 cm x 15 cm x 20 cm /5000)

A Thurible is a vessel suspended by chains, and used for burning incense at solemn Mass, Vespers, Benediction, processions, and other important offices of the Church. It is also known as censer. In its prevailing shape the thurible consists of a cup which rests on a firm base and is provided with a hollow movable pan for holding ignited charcoal, a lid or covering, and four chains about three feet in length, three of which unite the bowl to a circular disc, while the fourth is used for raising the lid, to which one end is attached, the other passing through a hole in the disc and terminating in a small ring.(source:

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