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Yellow Gold Pugin Style Gothic Vestment & Mass Set

Yellow Gold - Pugin Style Gothic Vestment & Low Mass Set

Product Code :  PGVS_D39_4YG_3R_MCC_F21
Price                :  $169.99
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Product Details

This vestment is made of Damask Fabric with Floral Cross Designs. The orphreys are Embroidered with liturgical designs in metallic gold yarn. The edge trim along the entire border of the chasuble is also made of embroidery to match the orphreys pattern. The Vestment comes with a matching stole. The stole has a small golden cross embroidered on the back of the neck. The ends of the stole & maniple are finished with fine rayon fringes. The Low mass set includes Chalice Veil, Burse & Maniple


  • MANIPLE: 20 inches from midpoint to the end / 40 inches from end to end
  • CHALICE VEIL: 20 inches square
  • BURSE: 8 inches square

LINING: The Chasubles are available as lined and unlined.

  • LINED: The interior of the chasuble is lined with matching Satin Fabric. The lining makes the chasuble a bit heavier and is recommended in Cold Climate areas or where the service is held in closed air-conditioned areas and gives a better flow to the garment.
  • UNLINED: There is no lining for the chasuble and this makes the chasuble lighter compared to the lined ones. This is best recommended in warm - hot climatic areas.

SIZE: The chasubles can also be made as per your sizing. Please let us your height and we will custom make them for you at no extra cost

Note: After you place the order, kindly send us an email with the order number and the height specifications. The default size - Regular will be shipped if we do not receive any email for custom sizing.

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