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Marian Blue High Mass Set

Marian Blue - High Mass Set

Product Code :  HMS_D12_9BL_6BK_MH2_F18
Price                :  $499.99
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Product Details

This High Mass Set is made of Brocade fabric with cross designs and White Black Silk fabric. The chasuble, dalmatic, tunicle & the complete mass set is made in silk fabric, and the cope is made in damask fabric with silk panels & silk hood. The Chasuble, Hood & Panels of the Cope, Stoles & maniples are totally felt Interlined and lined with matching satin fabric.

Interlining: Felt is used as interlining in the complete mass set. Felt is a Soft & thick interlining and the chasubles made with this interlining are almost 75% wrinkle free and will not have any crease (fold) marks.

The Set consists of

  • Chasuble Set - Chasuble, Stole, Maniple, Chalice Veil, Burse & Chalice Pall.
  • Cope Set - Benediction Cope, Humeral Veil & Stole Set.
  • Dalmatic Set - Deacon Dalmatic, Deacon Stole & Maniple Set.
  • Tunicle Set - Sub Deacon Tunicle, & Maniple Set.

LINING: The Chasubles are available as lined and unlined.

  • LINED: The interior of the chasuble is lined with matching Satin Fabric. The lining makes the chasuble a bit heavier and is recommended in Cold Climate areas or where the service is held in closed air-conditioned areas.
  • UNLINED: There is no lining for the chasuble and this makes the chasuble lighter compared to the lined ones. This is best recommended in warm - hot climatic areas.

Custom SIZING: The complete mass set can be custom sized at no extra cost. Please note that it will take this 12-15 days to get this high mass set shipped, if not available in stock. 

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