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Aluminium Holy Oil Stock with Leather Box

Aluminium Polished Holy Oil Stock with Leather box

Product Code :  OS_CS_ST_Sx3
Price                :  $44.99
Product Details

The Oil Stocks come with a cowhide leather pouch, with a cross imprinted on it. There is a partition within the pouch for carrying extra cotton.
This is a must have set for every priest and would make a perfect gift to your priest. Easy and convenient to carry for house visits, sick calls, etc..
Dimensions: Dimensions: Each canister measures 1 inch diameter and is 1 inch tall, engraved with OS, SC & OI on the lids. They are made of Pure high gauge Aluminum with a Silver tone finish. Aluminum is light weight and very convenient to use. The Leather Box measures 5.5" long x 3.5" wide x 1.5" high.

Oil Stocks: are vessels or containers in which the holy oils are stored. The oil stock usually has three compartments that are labeled to indicate the type of oil that it contains. The three types of oils are:

OS - Oleum Sanctum (Holy Oil for catechumens)
SC - Sacrum Chrisma (Sacred Chrism)
OI - Oleum Infirmorum (Oil of the Infirm/Sick)

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