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Blue Candle Drip Protectors - Candle Shades

Light Blue Candle Shades - Candle Drip & Wind Protectors for Indoor & Outdoor use

Product Code :  CDP_CS_9BL
Price                :  $37.99
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Product Details

Candle Drip Protectors also known as Candle Shades are very useful for processions and gatherings. Please find additional details on the uses of the candle drip & wind protectors as below:

Outside Use: during Processions, Outdoor Services, etc..

These are perfect for church candlelight processions, outdoor ceremonies, or any outdoor event where candles are hand held. It provides added protection for adults & specially children using the candle. It also helps in continuous burning during breezy or windy conditions aling with providing an uniformity of the event for others to see.

Inside Use: during Easter Vigil, New Year, Feast Days, etc..

From the church perspective (if drip protectors are not used), there will be wax spread around in the church floor after the service. This will become a tiresome job to clean as we need to scrub each and every spot. But when Drip Protectors are used, the cleaning work will be reduced by almost 90%.

Measurement & Specifications:

* Material : Plastic (PP)
* Type: Reusable
* Color : Frost White
* Cup Height : 3 inches (7.5 cm)
* Cup top Dia : 3.75 inches (9.5 cm)
* Candle Size : 13 - 19mm (1/2 inch - 3/4 inch)
* Recomended Candle size : 3/4 inch candle (19mm)
* Usage weight : 20 gms

Packaging & Delivery:

The cups will be stacked one inside the other and shipping will be weighted based on the volumetric weight. (Volumetric weight calculation - Length x Width x Height of the Box / 5000)

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