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Red Priests Zucchetto Zucchetta

Red Priests - Zucchetto - Polyester Fabric

Product Code :  ZUC_D100_3R_M02
Price                :  $12.99
Product Details

This is a low height Zucchetto made of Polyester Fabric. The base diameter is 6.5 inches, and the height is 2.5 inches. This Zucchetto does not have any foam or stiffness inside.

Zucchetto is a small, hemispherical, form-fitting ecclesiastical skullcap worn by clerics of various Catholic Church rites, the Syriac Orthodox Church, and by the higher clergy in Anglicanism. The colour for a priest is black, for a bishop purple, for a is cardinal red, and that for the Pope is white. (source:

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