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4 ft x 4 ft White Procession Canopy

Ivory White Procession Canopy - IHS, Agnus Dei & Pelican Embroidery on 4 sides

Product Code :  CPY_P01_5W_CSC_4x4
Price                :  $199.99
Product Details

This Procession Canopy - is made to order. It will take 4-6 days to get this ready before shipping.

The Canopy - is made of Cotton Satin fabric - and richly embroidered with wheat and grapes designs in multiple colours. The frontal comes in different sizes. The height of the drops on all the four sides is 14 inches including the 2 inch fringes at the bottom. On two opposite sides of the canopy, IHS is embroidered and on the other two sides we have the Agnus Dei & Pelican Embroidery. Inside the canopy on the top inside we have the Holy Spirit.

Sizes Available

  • 4 x 4 - 4 ft wide and 4 ft deep

Note : The canopy poles are available separately and do not come along with the canopy. Picture of the canopy pole is for representation purpose only.

Procession Canopies : During a "procession" (a religious "parade") the priest and people walk a route in honour of our Lord, Our Lady (or other Saints), or for the purpose of beseeching God for some specific purpose. During such processions, canopies are used mounted to 4 poles on the corners with four men each holding one pole two at either side in the front and two at either side in the back with the priest and the Monstrance in the middle

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