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Green Conical Chasuble - Stole Set

Green Conical Chasuble of St. Thomas Becket style

Product Code :  CGV_D49_7GR_7GR_MCC
Price                :  $169.99
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Product Details

The Conical chasuble is made with Cross Designed Church Brocade fabric and the orphreys are made in 4 inch narrow woven fabric with Gold Cross designs. The orphreys are place in St. Andrews Cross (commonly known as M-orphreys).


  • VESTMENT: As per your Size
  • STOLE: 48 Inches (from neck to bottom) / 96 inches end to end

    LINING: The Chasubles are available as lined and unlined.

    • LINED: The interior of the chasuble is lined with matching Satin Fabric. The lining makes the chasuble a bit heavier and is recommended in Cold Climate areas or where the service is held in closed air-conditioned areas.
    • UNLINED: There is no lining for the chasuble and this makes the chasuble lighter compared to the lined ones. This is best recommended in warm - hot climatic areas.

    SIZE: We understand that every individual is unique. Our chasubles can be tailored to your sizing preferences. Let us know your sizing requirements based on width and height, ensuring a perfect fit. For Gothic chasubles, width is measured from wrist to wrist across the shoulders. The chasuble height is designed to be below the knees, ensuring the Alb is also visible (approximately 1 ft above the floor level.

    • EXTRA SMALL: Priest Height 5ft 2 inches to 5ft 3 inches
    • SMALL: Priest Height 5ft 4 inches to 5ft 5 inches
    • MEDIUM: Priest Height 5ft 6 inches to 5ft 7 inches
    • REGULAR: Priest Height 5ft 8 inches to 5ft 10 inches
    • LARGE: Priest Height 5ft 11 inches to 6ft 0 inches
    • EXTRA LARGE: Priest Height 6ft 1 inches to 6ft 3 inches

    Note: All our vestments are custom made and may not be readily available in stock. Please allow us 4-8 days to get them ready for shipping. If your required size is not listed, feel free to contact us. Custom orders are welcome, and theres no extra cost for customization.

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