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White Fascia Sash - Plain

White Fascia - Sash

Product Code :  SAS_D100_5W_M01
Price                :  $34.99
Product Details

This Fascia is made of heavy quality Polyester fabric, Interlined with felt and lined with the same polyester fabric. Velcro is used to fasten the ends. The width of the fascia is 5 inches and the normal drop is 30 inches.

Size: The Fascia will be custom made as per your size and will take 2 days to get ready before shipping. Please let us know the below measurements along with your order number once you place the order.

  • Waist Size: measurement should be taken above the cassock.
  • Drop Length: measured from bottom of the horizontal strip

The Fascia is a sash worn by clerics and seminarians with the cassock in the Latin Rite of the Roman Catholic Church and in the Anglican Church. It is not worn as a belt but is placed above the waist between the navel and the breastbone (sternum). The ends that hang down are worn on the left side of the body and placed a little forward but not completely off the left hip. The fascia worn by cardinals is scarlet-red watered silk. The fascia worn by nuncios within the territories assigned to them is purple watered silk. The fascia worn by patriarchs, archbishops, bishops, protonotaries apostolic, honorary prelates, and chaplains of His Holiness is plain (not watered) purple. The fascia worn by priests, deacons and seminarians is black, while the fascia worn by priests in the service of the Papal Household is black watered silk.(source:

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