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Wooden Clacker / Clapper / Bell for Easter Vigil

Handmade Wooden Clackers for Easter Triduum Services

Product Code :  BL_M4_WD
Price                :  $39.99
Product Details

This is a hand made wooden clacker made of Teak wood. The total height including the handle is 10 inches and the width is 11 inches. This clacker comes with a 1.25 inch handle and weight 300 grams.

Wooden Clackers are a replacement for altar bells and are used during the consecration of the bread and wine in liturgical service in the Easter Triduum services - on Holy Thursday, Good Friday, and Holy Saturday. In traditional catholic services, the last time the altar bells are rung before Easter is on the evening of Holy Thursday. In between then and the Easter Vigil, a wooden clacker is used. A wooden clacker, sometimes called a wooden clapper, serves the same function as the altar bells.

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