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Bishops Gremiale / Gremial - Red Silk

Red Silk Bishops Gremiale with your Coat of Arms embroidery

Product Code :  GRE_D100_3R_FS_COA
Price                :  $49.99
Product Details

This Gremiale is made of Silk Fabric and lined with satin. The Gremiale comes with three box pleats for comfort and is fully edged with cross designed metallic gold trims and Coat of arms embroidery in multi color yarn. This Silk Gremiale is pretreated for easy machine wash and warm iron. After you place the order, kindly email us your Coat of Arms photo or any other design along with the order number and we will design it and embroider it directly on the Gremiale.

Gremiale or gremial is a square or oblong cloth which a bishop, according to the "Cæremoniale Episcoporum" and "Pontificale", should wear over his lap, when seated on the throne during the singing of the Kyrie, Gloria and Credo by the choir, during the distribution of blessed candles, palms or ashes, during the washing of feet in the Mass of the Lord's Supper, and also during the anointments in connection with Holy orders. The primary object of the gremiale is to prevent the soiling of the other pontifical vestments, especially the chasuble. The gremiale used during the pontifical Mass is made of silk and its colour must correspond with the colour of the chasuble. The gremiales used at other functions are made of linen, to facilitate their cleansing in case they be soiled.

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