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White Silk Deacon Stole - Fully Embroidered

White Silk Deacon Crossed Stole - Fully Embroidered

Product Code :  DST_D41_5W_M01
Price                :  $99.99
Product Details

This crossed Stole is made of Silk Fabric and is fully hand embroidered. The stole measures 54 inches long from shoulder to the hem and has a stay midway.

Stole: In the Roman Catholic Church the stole is the vestment that marks recipients of Holy Orders. It is conferred at the ordination of a deacon, by which one becomes a member of the clergy after the suppression of the tonsure and minor orders after the Second Vatican Council.
A bishop or other priest wears the stole around his neck with the ends hanging down in front, while the deacon places it over his left shoulder and ties it cross-wise at his right side, similar to a sash.. (source: www.

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