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Traditional White Alb with Lace

Cotton Alb with Lace - White

Product Code :  ALB_D202_5W_ML
Price                :  $49.99
Available In  :
Product Details

This model of the Alb is made up of pure Cotton Fabric and comes with fine cotton lace. This Style of Albs are known as Traditional Albs.

Please see the measurement chart and let us know the size details after you place the order.

SIZE: The Alb are made in the below sizes. After you place the order, you can update the size details in the order summary page. Or you can simply send us an email with the order number and custom size specification details and we will take care of it from there onwards. The default size is Regular.

Alb Height (in ft & inches)
Size of Alb
5 ft 2 inches - 5 ft 4 inches
S - Small
5 ft 5 inches - 5 ft 7 inches
M - Medium
5 ft 8 inches - 5 ft 10 inches
R - Regular
5 ft 11 inches - 6 ft 0 inches
L - Large
6 ft 1 inches - 6 ft 3 inches
XL - Extra Large
6 ft 3 inches - 6 ft 6 inches
XXL - Extra Extra Large

Note : the pictures are representative purpose only. These are not the actual picture of the product.

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